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10x42 Binoculars for Adults, Professional HD Compact Waterproof and Fogproof Binoculars for Bird Watching Hiking Travel Stargazing Hunting Concerts Sports-BAK4 Prism FMC Lens with Carrying Bag

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Model: BNISE-1113A
Caliber of object lens:42mm
Diameter of ocular:18mm
Prism System: Roof Prism
Prism glass: BAK4
Exit pupil diameter:4.2mm
Exit pupil distance:12mm
Ocular coating:FMC
Objective lens coating:FMC
System: Center + right eyepiece
Water resistant and fog resistant: Yes
Net weight of Telescope: 1.43 pounds
Dimension of Telescope:5.0x5.75x2.17 inch

Configuration details:
1 x binoculars
1 x eyepiece cap
2 x objective cover
1 x neck strap
1 x portable backpack
1 x lens cleaning cloth
1 x manual
1 x packing box
1x smartphone adapter Thu Jul 19 20:39:10 CST 2018

These turned out better than expected and I am presently surprised by the quality and craftsmanship! My husband wanted something we could take on our hiking trips or just enjoy the many animals around the mountains where we live and these are perfect. The picture is very sharp and the cell phone attachment to take pictures was a nice added bonus. We will be using these on our upcoming trip to Yosemite for sure! Mon Jul 09 14:49:33 CST 2018

Wow I was amazed at how fancy these are! Not only do they work great but they come in and awesome case with lens protectors lens cleaners there’s even an adapter for your cell phone. Sun Jul 01 23:41:57 CST 2018

Happy to have these new #binoculars with iPhone attachment for viewing. This pair has quality craftsmanship, compact but not too small. Comes with all the accessories you would need, including the carrying case. I don’t know a ton about binoculars but plan to use these with my kids for bird and beach watching. Mon Jun 11 18:16:55 CST 2018

Great product. I could see great with them and sharpen my images. Comes with nice case and handy iPhone attachment! Sun Jun 10 13:08:52 CST 2018

These binoculars are great quality and I am very impressed by how clear you can view objects at a distance. They are made very well and even comes with a nice carrying case. I love taking these when I'm going hunting or camping, because they are lightweight and waterproof! Would definitely recommend! Sun May 13 18:39:22 CST 2018

Awesome product Thu May 10 10:59:32 CST 2018

Although I had issues with the cell phone adapter, I am impressed with the quality and clarity of these binoculars. It comes with strap, carrying case, lens covers, and the aforementioned cell phone adapter. It works great and seems like it will hold up well. In addition, I do plan to get a compact size for travels, as well. Definitely recommend it. Thu May 10 07:33:01 CST 2018

Love these binoculars! We are a family of 4 who love to hike. These are perect to take with us so we can see nature more up close! The magnification is awesome and so far it has held up to the wear and of kids (we are curbing that too by teaching them how to use abd reapect them). We look forward to using this for years to come! Wed May 09 00:23:30 CST 2018

I am really impressed with these binoculars from BNISE. I especially like that it came with the cell phone adapter because I can take awesome close-up photos of birds and other wildlife without having to struggle to line everything up perfectly over and over again. The optics are very good quality and these binoculars feel great in your hands. They have a comfortable grip and smooth controls. I also like that it has a carry bag in addition to the lens caps for added protection when not in use. All in all I"m very happy with this purchase. :-) Tue May 08 12:21:17 CST 2018

BNISE Binoculars for Adults Compact, 10X42 HD Professional, BAK4 Prism FMC Lens, Suitable for Outdoor Travel, for Bird Watching, for Hunting, Concerts, with Smartphone Adapter I am happy with this purchase. Very lightweight and easy to operate. Comes with a cellphone mount which I haven't figured out how to use yet. Can't wait to take it to the soccer game. Tue May 08 07:59:01 CST 2018

Extremely happy to have my #binoculars with smart phone attachment. This pair has quality craftsmanship that will surely last a lifetime. I was able to affix an iPhone to the binoculars with its attachment and the pictures are just amazing! I attached it on the side with fine-tune adjustment for the sharpest picture. You see the two pictures attached, one is a standard mobile phone shot of the backyard no zoom. The second is a picture of the iPhone with binoculars attached and you can see the detail captured in the screen, no zoom on the phone at all! Zoom Mon May 07 21:06:24 CST 2018

I am in love with these binoculars! I have had a few cheaper ones before and I can definitely tell the quality is much better with these. They were well packaged. Everything is easy to use. I connected the strap and the cell phone adapter with no problems. These binoculars seem to be study and very well made. I am taking a beach trip soon and hope to watch the wild horses that are on the next island over with them. Sat May 05 16:45:30 CST 2018

Awesome binoculars..sturdy, compact and perfect. Mon Apr 30 09:13:40 CST 2018

Super comfy grip, very compact and comfortable to look through, the lenses are such a clear view, absoulty love them! Wed Feb 28 11:32:55 CST 2018

These are very compact and light weight compared to my old binoculars, and easy to use. The housing seems very sturdy. A great value for the price. We live in a scenic area near a lake, and my young son and I like to take pictures of wildlife when we spot them. Usually they are far away, but these binoculars come with a little stand to hold a smart phone steady, so you can take pics with your phone through the lens of the binoculars. You can snap photos this way, and save them. We are having a lot of fun with these binoculars!

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