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Dog Cone Protective Elizabethan Collar for Dogs Recovery Collar After Surgery Anti-Bite Lick Wound Soft,Inflatable ,Comfortable Cone of Shame for Small Dogs & Cats-S

Dog Cone Protective Elizabethan Collar for Dogs Recovery Collar After Surgery Anti-Bite Lick Wound Soft,Inflatable ,Comfortable Cone of Shame for Small Dogs & Cats-S

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This inflatable collar is designed to provide comfort for dogs with injuries, rashes, or after surgery. It's main purpose of the dog cone is to prevent pets from directly traumatizing the surgical site or the injured area by chewing or scratching. Safe and humane way to prevent animals from worsening a healing wound or injury.Braethable and soft make it can be used as a pillow once the healing process is completed. The hamburger shape is exclusive and unique in Walmart Market,the cute shape will make makes your dog look better while wearing dog cone and adds some fun to your dog so he can stay in a good mood. It is said that a good mood can make the wound recover faster.

  • ANTI-SCRATCH, ANTI-LICK, ANTI-BITE : The dog inflatable recovery cone collar specially designed to protect your pet from injuries, rashes and wounds caused by surgery.  At the same time, the inflatable dog donut cone can also be a great aid for pet grooming, nail trimming and medical services.

  • WEARING WITHOUT BURDEN : Pets are known to hate bulky recovery cones, poor dogs and cats have a hard time walking and keep falling over.  But our inflatable cone collar for dogs doesn't let that happen, the premium internal airbag provides ample support for the neck while remaining light.  It won't block your dog's view like a traditional Elizabethan collar.  This dog burger inflatable recovery collar allows your puppy/kitty to drink, eat, play and even chase butterflies while wearing it.

  • THOUGHTFUL FIXING STRAP: If you're worried about your dog's hamburger recovery collar slipping or being removed, we've designed three fixing strips on the inside of the ecollar dog collar surgery that simply holds your pet's daily collar in place by passing it through the strip.  In addition, if you need a perfect fit, you will need to place the end without the velcro in front of your dog and the end with the velcro on the back of your dog's neck.

  • CLEAN FRIENDLY: The inflatable dog cone is easy to clean, stain resistant and wear resistant.  Unlike other common velvet dog inflatable recovery collars, the exterior of this dog donut cone is made with an upgraded non-stick fabric so you don't have to constantly clean pet hair off the inflatable dog cone.

  • EASY TO USE& STORE: When your dogs/cats is injured, you just need to inflate the Burger Inflatable Dog Cone with our included pump and then you can use it.  When your dog's wound is healed, you can simply deflate it and fold it into pieces to store it away.

  • INTERESTING & BEAUTIFUL HAMBURGER SHAPE : This inflatable dog cone is designed in a unique and interesting hamburger shape, which is very cute and your pet will love it.

  • Before you buy, please help your pet to measure the neck circumference !
    • Size S and M are only suitable for small dogs or cat, like Teddy, Schnauzer, Papillon,etc.
    • Size L is suitable for adult corgis or medium to large sized dogs like Dobermann,Let me do it for you dog.
    • Size XL is suitable for adult large dogs, such as adult Golden Retriever, adult Chow Chow, adult Rottweiler, etc.
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